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Be more impactful and schedule your content for weeks or months ahead

Multiply your reach and content arsenal in 3 simple steps

DRASTICALLY increase the number of people you can spread your message to... Thanks to an AI auto-captioning feature

Be contextual on every platform you want with ease

Say goodbye to complicated and expensive video editing software... And export your videos on the cloud even with a 5 year old MacBook Air

🤯 Mind literally blown 🤯
What would have taken me hours to caption for one of my ad clients just took me 10, maybe 15 minutes...
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Up until now I've been doing what ContentFries is offering using multiple Adobe software... ContentFries is offering us an easier and rather cheap way to put as much content in front of our audience in less time.
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I finally sat down to really use ContentFries and wow!!!
The subtitles were on point and so easy to edit everything!
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Create stunning pieces of content in 3 simple steps



1, 5, or 10 raw videos? It depends on your audience’s appetite. Upload your content and let the magic happen.

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Slice and fry

Multiply your content and create crispy and beautifully looking output.

Get more reach

Distribute everywhere you want and enjoy the multiplied reach.

useful features for content creators

Meet Our Unique Context Editor.

More than 80% of people watch social media videos WITHOUT sound. Get an unfair advantage of it! 60+ languages supported.

Switch back-and-forth between your content piece contexts. Switch to IGTV, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other context you want.
Add customisable Progress Bar element to keep your viewers engaged and hooked to the end.
Create attention-grabbing headlines very fast. Use custom fonts, or choose from wide library. Add emoji or change the font color. Fast and easy.
Add your own logo or watermark. Or set custom background image. Make your content pieces unique and consistent.
Create your own templates to be consistent, or create different templates for different clients. Then apply your templates in a single click without hassle.

content repurposing as easy as never before

Multiply Your Content In No-Time.

Drag & Drop to chop out content pieces out of your pillar content. Combine this with the context editor to get tens of content pieces fast.
Add Intro, Outro or video CTA’s into your content pieces with a just few clicks of mouse button.
Double-click to enter the advanced cutting mode, then cut out what you don’t want to have in your content piece just by dragging and dropping.

Create Content PIeces

Like The Legends Do

And the best part? You don’t need an army of production people or expensive softwares to create eye-catching videos like these!

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Aimed NOT to be for everyone.

It's NOT for YouTubers or other single-platform content creators

It's NOT for professional film makers

It's NOT for professional transcribers or translators

It's NOT for promo video creators

It's NOT for bloggers and podcasters, who don't want to publish video content

It's NOT for e-commerce owners who don't want to showcase their products or interview influencers and product owners

Now for the GOOD News!!!

ContentFries is for the new generation content creators!

Multi-platform Content Creators

Digital marketers, Funnel Hackers and Influencers

Coaches, Experts, Leaders, Speakers

Freelancers and Digital Agencies

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Works perfectly for almost every niche

If platforms is allowing your niche, you can use it!

Kinda Weird Back-Story Not Only About

How VIRAL Videos Brought Us NOTHING But Crickets
It was back in 2017. MONTHS of focused efforts finally lead us to discover a recipe to make VIRAL videos. Just to figure that out:

In a TINY country of 5,5M people, we developed a system to reach millions of people repeatedly… And by the end of the day we realized…

lg 4

Lukas Gregor - ContentFries Co-Founder, former marketing director of Andy Winson

All of those hundreds of thousands of likes were heartwarming, but had ONE serious flaw… They didn’t generate ANY leads or sales directly!

We quickly built up a team of production people, who spend most of their time recording and post-producing the content…

Time to STOP the madness! Forget about a likes-generating-money-sucking solution.

So, there was yet another question-of-the-year.

How to MONETISE that drastically improved reach?

How to get not only new followers, but also PLENTY of fresh leads?

New likes and followers weren't enough to justify the hard work of an entire production team... Not to mention the costs of idea researching, preps & script writing...

So after countless numbers of trial and errors... We finally find out how to monetize and get more leads from all that hard work!

2 secret ingredients to convert cold audiences to raving fans and bunch-loads of repeating customers

FINALLY - we found our saviours.

Content Multiplier Formula by Peng Joon. The puzzle would just not be complete without this famous system, but...

We also improved our processes. Also, we became more effective and we started to be more profitable.

No wonder his 30-minute speech at Funnel Hacking Live crushed the entire conference.

pengjoon 1024x768 6

Peng Joon - author of Content Multiplier Formula. He reached millions of people through his online programs and speaking on stage.

Perfect foundations for our content publishing processes? Checked...

Then we made ONE tiny change in our videos and it was like killing two birds with one stone.

It consisted of two super simple ingredients we added almost instantly, and... Has generated thousands of fresh leads and customers for us.

The best part is, now we can use those videos in ads and convert cold traffic to new leads and customers FAST!

It worked, but it was VERY expensive and complicated

The entire process took DAYS or even W-E-E-K-S.

To handle JUST ONE recording day.

Not only that, but you also need an army of production people.

Who, as you know, aren't cheap and use expensive tools to make the magic happen.

If you have those people in-house, guess who is paying these expenses...

MEH, right?! Why on earth is it SO overwhelmingly complicated?

A Solopreneur or someone who's just starting doesn't stand a chance in this game.

I quickly figured this out when I wanted to create content in my other projects. Where I don't have a team of production people at my disposal.

So, as a former professional programmer...

I decided to DO something about it.

I loooove automations and process simplifications...

So I made partnerships with others. Who also believe in this vision and... Who have a RICH experience with software and product development. Like apps-used-by-government rich.

First, we did the AI captioning tool to save us 80-90% of our time on video transcriptions.

After we saw the potential for something more advanced, we quickly added more and more features...

And that’s how ContentFries was born!

Maybe you're wondering...

Most frequent questions and answers

ContentFries toolkit is for those, who wants to efficiently publish more content on different platforms while keeping the contextuality in mind. It’s best suited for Content Creators, Funnel Hackers and Digital Marketers who wants to leverage their audiences or increase their reach and impact.

You will receive info regarding your user account on the thank you page and via email after you buy. Please double-check your e-mail in order to create your account.

You can contact us anytime at,, through in-app chat or in our Facebook group

As we’re leveraging one of the world’s most advanced speech-to-text backed up by Google, the list of supported languages is really thick one.

The list of supported languages:

    Chinese, Cantonese
    Chinese, Mandarin
    Norwegian Bokmål

Not yet, but it’s in progress. The first version of affiliate should be launched in Q3 / 2021. If you’re interested, please fill out this short form and we will let you know more info when it’s ready:

Definitely. We believe in very transparent approach. We’re creating this platform to serve our customers, not to be aware of competition stealing our ideas. See our public roadmap without secrets and feel free to vote for features you’d like to see implemented.